Matthias Kappeler

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Design, business, engineering, animation, 3d, music videos, interaction design and now I’m selling ice cream. That seems like a bit much and also seems pretty random I guess. Well it is a lot - but it’s not all that random. I won’t say that I’m an expert in all of these fields but I like to challenge myself, learn new things and go the extra mile.

Even though this portfolio is mostly about video, the major part of my client work I do as a user experience designer, interaction designer, web-designer and frontend developer. > check out my «behance-profile» for more screen/web-based work

During the last two years I co-founded the digital agency Ansich and the label SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR.

Short vita:
— 06 academic highschool
— 07 Internships
— 08 Business Major (University of Zurich (was not for me…))
— 11 Bachelor in Business Engineering and Innovation HSLU (Lucerne) & HTW (Berlin)
— 14 Bachelor in Interaction Design ZHdK (Zurich)

> further vita details on my LinkedIn-profile

I started working on live visuals in 2011. I've done a lot of projects in that field since then and you can book me any time you want (as long as you are not expecting me to play 6 hours for 200 bucks)!

selected shows:

„Not a Concert“ is an attempt to create a new type of event. An attempt to tell a story with no dialogue and no acting. Telling it in a way that is visually and aurally attractive. Telling it in a way that encourages people to discover and engage, get lost and become absorbed.

It’s not a concert - but what is it then? It’s a performance, an experience, a story being told with light, video, dance and sound. The musician stands in the middle of the room. For once, light and projection are not only by-products of music, but equal partners.The music is improvised and played live. The light and projections are mixed live. A new kind of event. A new way of seeing music.

During most performances the audience is bound to sitting on chairs or standing in a crowd and therefore consume passively. The installation that forms the stage of „Not a Concert“ invites the viewers to move around and discover. Although the screens are transparent, it is impossible to see everything at once. To make the most of the experience, the viewer has to move around, get closer to discover details and step back to see the whole picture.

This is no attempt to create the next big thing and conquer the masses. It’s an attempt to create something intimate, personal and unique. An experience that is not to be forgotten easily.

This project was one of the first of many that would eventually lead to the “not a concert” performance. In collaboration with Boris Stoll I created a small installation that created a three dimensional mirror image. A webcam captured an image of the viewer. This image was then processed to create two slightly different images that were then projected onto two overlapping screens. Hard to explain how it looked in real life but the following video can give an impression.

First of all: ’m not a character animation specialist (obviously). But: I like to work on movement, timing, speed and composition. For me, animation is one way for me to learn and improve these skills.

This video I did (in three days) during a short introductory course at ZHdK in 2012.

It’s a story about a little guy with a big hat.

It's always the last one…

Song: Moderat - 3 Minutes Of

I was invited by a temporary popup restaurant to create an installation for one of the restaurants walls. This is a very short exerp from this work.
An important part of this work was the attemt to recreate «glitches». These digital mistakes are something that I find terribly fascinating and also something that you will find in many of my projects in some way or another.

Song by Eskmo - Color Dropping (remixed/cut)

Everything starts white. With every change of rythm use of the phrase "color dropping", a dimension is added to the animation. From white to black+white to black, gray and white to one color (blue) to several colors. The materials used in the 3d scenes are all white with just a small specular. All the colors on the objects come from different light sources.

The whole concept, animation and rendering was done in one week during the course "3d Basics" at ZHdK. This was my first attempt working with c4d, done in 2012.

First couple of scenes taken during my first take on experimenting with different fluids in macro scale. This first extraction from the footage taken doesn't quite "flow" with the music yet and I want to add some additional animation and editing to the following videos. So look at this as a sneak-peek.

Song by Apparat - Not a Number

This discription dates to 2012. Didn't end up to be more than the "sneak-peek" - but I still use the footage for other projects.

For me, music videos are a playground for trying out new things.

Music video for "Kaltehand / Natasha Waters".

Music video for "Velvet Two Stripes"

Der Atlas der Schweiz geht in die vierte Runde. Das Video ist während einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen ETH und ZHdK entstanden. Die zwei gezeigten zukünftigen Nutzer erklären, wie sie die App in ihrem Alltag einsetzen und wie die neuen Features der App ihr Leben einfacher machen.